crepuscular rays

Viva L’Ete !

stormy skies 008

I just happened to be passing by a west facing window on a summer night when the sight of this made my jaw drop. I raced, out of breath, to the edge of the cornfield with my camera in hand and the dog at my heels. It all faded away in five minutes. Cumulonimbus were on the skyline intersecting the setting sun.

rays of light

A Plaid Sky


rays of light


The summer of 2012 did not bear much fruit in storms but I managed to enjoy a few anyway. In photography as in life, sometimes it’s working with what’s there rather than having the so called perfect conditions. These crepuscular rays were fantastic as a large thunderhead with big “windows” in it let the setting sun flash through towards an upper cloud layer. It is much harder to photograph the weather in the city setting than in the country/rural areas where you have vast areas of unobstructed sky. But I love how these power lines resemble plaid patterns with the rays.